Author: ramin

  • Design Review of Kayra’s Head

    Design Review of Kayra’s Head

    I decided to do video reviews from time to time to document the thinking about how to design parts, understand their spatial relationships, the possibilities to print and assemble them, accessability for electronics and certainly the looks. So, here’s the first review. It’s about the neck mechanics, the electronics holder in the head and the…

  • Roadmap July 25th 23

    Roadmap July 25th 23

    Tasks done in green. Kayra has her servos and servo controller powered by battery.

  • Learning to walk by Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Learning to walk by Deep Reinforcement Learning

    I just came across a really inspiring project that is very close to Kayra, where a fellow roboticist tried to transfer a learned walking pattern acquired through simulating a real robot (Plen in this case): We will also use PyTorch for all Machine Learning on the host, which fits the bill and the chap also…

  • ESP32 Cam, IMU and Servo 2040 connected

    ESP32 Cam, IMU and Servo 2040 connected

    For Kayra, it’s necessary to go untethered. This video shows the fist successful connection from PC to ESP32 Cam (running in Micropython) via Wifi to IMU (BNO055, I2C slave) to the Raspberry Pi Pico based Pimoroni 2040 Servo Controller (as I2C slave). I enter a number on the PC transmitted via Wifi to the ESP32…

  • Kayra is getting an IMU

    Kayra is getting an IMU

    To get away from simple static gait, Kayra needs to be able to register Yaw, Roll, Pitch angles in space. This is what IMUs are made for, they also measure movements along these axes (hence 6 DoF, Degrees of Freedom, three axes and the rotation along these) as well as relations to magnetic field (9…

  • Bearing for the Foot

    Bearing for the Foot

    The instable walks from Kayra when controller and battery were added was also due to the wobble and wiggle in the foot and hip joints. So, it was necessary to add bearings to these.

  • Simulating Kayra

    Simulating Kayra

    At some point in time, it will be necessary to work with a digital twin of Kayra to simulate all sorts of movements, weight distribution and possibly power. Also during the design process it would speed up the fitting of two parts. I asked the reddit community about which software to use: pyBullet is a…

  • Ankle & Foot!

    Ankle & Foot!

    To understand spatial relationships between parts, I try to sketch them on my notebook first. Finally, I went over to design it in freeCAD and do the first prints. It’s handy to have the dimensions of the servo and the servo disk in one spreadsheet in freeCAD to modify them when needed.