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  • MuJoCo, simulating Kayra

    MuJoCo, simulating Kayra

    I was checking out the simulation options, pyBullet is nice and close to Python but it’s really a physics framework. MuJoCo was designed from ground up with simulating robots in mind. pyBullet is reading URDF files that are XML files defining how the single elements relate to each other as well as how joints and…

  • Learning to walk by Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Learning to walk by Deep Reinforcement Learning

    I just came across a really inspiring project that is very close to Kayra, where a fellow roboticist tried to transfer a learned walking pattern acquired through simulating a real robot (Plen in this case): We will also use PyTorch for all Machine Learning on the host, which fits the bill and the chap also…

  • Simulating Kayra

    Simulating Kayra

    At some point in time, it will be necessary to work with a digital twin of Kayra to simulate all sorts of movements, weight distribution and possibly power. Also during the design process it would speed up the fitting of two parts. I asked the reddit community about which software to use: pyBullet is a…