Design Goals

Let’s build a humanoid that:

  • can walk nearly as fast as a human toddler
  • can use the arms to lift at least a toy
  • works immediately after building it (walking, grabbing animations provided)
  • can be controlled via a remote control (PS, Smartphone, PS2, 8Bitdo)
  • can be operated by a variety of single board computers and controllers (Raspberry Pi Zero / Pico, Arduino, ESP-32, etc)
  • is easy to print and to assemble (currently 20h to print, 2h to assemble)
  • easy to write software for (python and micropython)
  • costs for a minimal system should be low (ideally, below 500€, to use in schools)
  • modular so that enthusiasts can change the design of a subsystem
  • design should be adaptable to different servos
  • is easy to power and to charge. The batteries should be easy to change

Kayra is meant to evolve into a community project, please contact me on Discord when you want to join the project. I’m not very good at 3D design, Machine Learning, electronics, printing and documentation, just good enough to design an initial system that maybe inspires you to join this project.

Kayra is completely open-source, you can access all design files and software on github. Ready? Get started!


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