Handy tools to build and work with Kayra:

A benchtop power supply (usually upto 30V, 6A), you will want to power Kayra when developing and you don’t want to change batteries all the time.

(Project Kayra is not associated with element14)

Access to a 3D printer, ideally experience with printing PETG. Make sure that your printed is well tuned and works right away. This is not a project about 3D printing but really about building a robot. So the printer has to be a reliable workhorse. We are using a Prusa MK3S connected to a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint (i.e. OctoPi). In this way you simply drag and drop the gcode file to the local Octoprint webpage and print.

Cordless screwdriver as you will screw a lot, especially when you’re iterating Kayra’s design by yourself: