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  • Kayra’s Controller Software

    Kayra’s Controller Software

    I assume that you have cloned / downloaded the Kayra’s github archive that contains all 3D files and software. In the software directory, you will find the directories /host and /robot. The former is for the PC (Linux) and the latter is for the robot. Within /robot, you’ll find /body, /head, /sensors and /tools You…

  • Setting up the Controller and Thonny

    Setting up the Controller and Thonny

    Introduction Kayra will start with the Pimoroni Servo Controller because this controller is based on the Raspberry Pi Pico 2040 chip running Micropython. The intention was to keep the complexity of the programming languages for Kayra low. Ideally, hobbyists and students only need the knowledge of Python and can work on all levels with Kayra: …