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  • Going Wireless. Again.

    Going Wireless. Again.

    One of the good things about a hobby project is that you design and build stuff and the let it wait for a couple of weeks because you have other things to do. Why is that good? Because you’re the first user that will need documentation when diving back into your stuff. I decided to…

  • ESP32 Cam, IMU and Servo 2040 connected

    ESP32 Cam, IMU and Servo 2040 connected

    For Kayra, it’s necessary to go untethered. This video shows the fist successful connection from PC to ESP32 Cam (running in Micropython) via Wifi to IMU (BNO055, I2C slave) to the Raspberry Pi Pico based Pimoroni 2040 Servo Controller (as I2C slave). I enter a number on the PC transmitted via Wifi to the ESP32…